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Day 1
The Arcachon town discovery in 4 seasons

  • The Winter Town, historical district with its elegant XIX Century villas. Self guide visit on foot or accompanied by the Tourist Information Office.
  • The Summer Town combines sea front, jetties and an animated town heart all year long (including a covert market)
  • The Autumn Town shelters the Arcachon harbour, the Aiguillon district and the fish outcry market (can be attended)
  • The Spring Town located in the Sainte-Anne des Abatilles spring area lined by the large Pereire beach and walking promenades.

Climbing the Pilat Dune (La Teste de Buch)

You will enjoy an exceptional point of view on the Arcachon Bay, the Cap Ferret tip and the Arguin Bank. The highest dune in Europe: 106,6 m high (direct dial: +33 5 56 22 12 85).

Day 2
Stopover at the Lège-Cap Ferret peninsula

  • Bicycle hire for a bike ride through the peninsula oyster farming villages: the fishermen district with a stopover at the Cap Ferret lighthouse (new exhibition), the l’Herbe and the Canon villages...
After the effort... would you have a few oysters

Birds Island Tour

  • A commented boat trip is available with the UBA (Boatmen Union of Arcachon) in the peaceful internal waters of the Bay (direct dial: +33 825 27 00 27).

Day 3
Bird Reserve of Teich

  • Observe the birds at the Reserve. A pretty 6 km walk will give you the chance you to observe 300 recorded bord species. The route is suitable for persons with disabilities. €6.80/child, €9/adult (direct dial: +33 5 24 73 37 33).

The River Leyre (Le Teich, Biganos and Mios)

You will adore the Leyre River. Paddle at your own pace for a half or a full day with a picnic. €15-€19/person.

We invite you to discover these places with those who assure their preservation!

Day 4
Dawn: “behind the scenes at the Fish Market”

  • Join the fish auction and market (direct dial: +33 5 57 52 97 97).

Go out on a boat with fishermen and oyster farmers

We invite you to immerse yourself in the experience of fisherfolk!

Day 5
Explore the Bay on foot or by bicycle

On foot

  • Besides the walking guided tours suggested by the Tourist Information Offices, get the “topoguide” booklet: “le Tour du Bassin à pied” (for sale at 8€ at the Offices) for you to find out about our great country hikes.
  • This Bay tour is at times, part of the littoral path, the « Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle” way, the oyster ports and other remarkable sites....

By bicycle

Swim and relax

  • You will be surprised by the diversity of the Bay’s beaches: on the Ocean, on the Bay and along Cazaux Lake’s shores and creeks.
  • 76 km of beaches of which more than 40 km to the open sea (the “Grand Crohot beach” in Lège-Cap Ferret, the “Lagune beach” in La Teste de Buch...).

Day 6
Go shopping

Each morning, you can find a market in one of our 10 towns. After lunch, take advantage of your free time to enjoy an ice cream at our piers feet: in Arcachon, the Moulleau, the Cap Ferret and Andernos-les-Bains with the longest jetty of the Bay.

Have fun with your kids

Play around at one of our theme parks.

Day 7
Spend the day on an island of fine sand, surrounding by the colours of a lagoon: the Arguin Bank.

  • Except from a marked out protection perimeter, the reserve has free access all year round, under the attentive gaze of the reserve guardians. Thank you for helping us taking care of this nature area! During July-August, the UBA boats disembarks you on a fine sand island, classified as "Nature Reserve".

Or go for a walk along the nature footpaths…

  • Enjoy a walk in the Andernos-les-bains channels at low tide or snow crab in the Lanton harbour, at the heart of the Arcachon Bay.
  • Diked spaces, swamps and salty meadows, naturalist strolls round the “Certes-Graveyron Domaines”, the “Piraillan Reservoirs”, "Saint-Brice Les Quinconces", the Arès and Lège salty meadows…