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Domaines Certes Graveyron Bassin Arcachon (3)

From town to town in the Cœur du Bassin

With five small towns each boasting their own particular charm, Arcachon’s Coeur du Bassin is first and foremost home to fragile natural species. Biganos, Audenge, Lanton, Mios and Marcheprime all have their own character and we definitely recommend visiting them. From the Domaines de Certes-Graveyron to the Leyre Delta, the Cœur du Bassin has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday!


Stroll through the harbour in Biganos 

Start the day by discovering the harbour with its traditional cabins in the middle of the forest. Lose yourself in the flower-covered alleys and admire the attractive colours of the cabins on the banks of the Leyre, before setting off for a walk or kayak trip along the river. As you approach the delta, you will notice the freshwater river mixing with the salt water from the bay! Enjoy a picnic in the shade of the pines or, for those who like oysters, stop off at Antoine’s oyster restaurant in the port.


Balade dans le port Audenge

Venture along the unspoilt coastline in Audenge

Head over to the east end of Arcachon Bay for a 100% nature experience!

Enjoy a walk around the Mesple marshland with Alexandre, a nature guide who will tell you all about the local wildlife.

Contact the Coeur du Bassin Tourist office to discover the secrets of the Mesple marshes.

Then go to the oyster port in Audenge for lunch to enjoy a couple of fresh oysters!

In summer, those who wish to can take a dip in the seawater swimming pool at the entrance to the port. Perfect at low tide!

Round off the day with a walk in Domaines de Certes et Graveyron.

If you keep your eyes peeled you might be lucky enough to spot a few different species of birds!


Nature is king in the Cœur du Bassin, and we are its guests                     

An outing between land and sea in Lanton

This protected coastline in the middle of a pine forest is perfect for taking time out. Follow the coastal path from the swimming bay up to Branne Point in the Domaine de Certes for a walk through the heart of nature. The view is fantastic! In July and August, go on a trip in a sea kayak from Cassy harbour to discover the maritime side of the Cœur du Bassin. After the adventure, it’s time for a spot of swimming at Suzette beach or the large Taussat-les-Bains beach (swimming possible at high tide only).


Sentier littoral de Lanton

Mios and Marcheprime

If you’re looking for thrills, Mios has plenty to offer! Scale the heights of the forest in a treetop adventure course (T en Leyre), have a bounce on an inflatable obstacle course or try some cable water skiing, wakeboarding or stand-up paddle boarding (Lakecity and Aquapark 33). You can also travel along the Leyre on foot or by boat.
In the evening, treat yourself to a show or trip to the cinema at ‘La Caravelle’.


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